World of Tanks | Dingles with Shingles #1

The real Shingles is here boys and girls!


You can send your replays either by email: fameworldoftanks at or posting a wotreplays link in game (IGN: shishx_the_animal).

Leave your suggestions, advice or just plain old banter in the comment section below! See you on the battlefield!


Some of FAME’s STREAMERS, make sure to check them out:



  1. Lore

    Doesn't take a genius to see what you did there. 😀

  2. TheShineboxer

    jingles is an old boring fart

  3. medistyleDE -

    when u r panicing because u cant find his channel and then notice he just changed the name

  4. False Flag

    it used to be bucking-huge palace, now its Bukakke palace. . . nearly spilled my beer.

  5. Jan Pul

    you should have called him Dave

  6. raven zetsu

    jingles brought me here…

  7. venemoustear -

    Lol šiš legenda XD

  8. 86sarko

    you deserve a six pack of laško for this awesome funny vid! even jingles link to it on FB 🙂

  9. Bouche Dag

    This was a good laugh, love it 🙂

  10. tschegge nüt

    shishx your best youtube video!! hahahahaha

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