World of Tanks || Domination – 9.8 Preview

Let’s check out a preview of the brand new gamemode coming in patch 9.8: Domination. It includes in battle respawning, capture the flag and a victory points system!

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  1. AfsJinx889 playz

    Totaly LOVE it!!!!!!

  2. marek zborco


  3. Agostinho Gonçalves

    shit game mode… people just stay at enemy respawn point waiting for you to respawn just to fuck your butt… very shit mode… players should respawn in an area restricted to the enemy players or something like that… is just stupid… that or making the maps much bigger… i don´t konw why all maps are so tiny at least some could be much bigger


    When is this coming to xbox1?

  5. Haiqal Rakimi

    i hope in wot blitz add artillery

  6. That Mythical Beast Bro

    How do you get to play it

  7. That Mythical Beast Bro

    Why can't I play it?

  8. Christoffer Rasmussen

    Tip for AMX 50 B in Domination: If you just fired your 4 ammo clip, if you get into a repair zone you reload 4 shots instantly, so instead of a 15-20sec reload you get a 5 sec reload (5 sec till u get repaired)

  9. ᖴᔕ᙭ᑎOOᗷ - Gᗩᗰᕮᔕ & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    Is it just me who thinks this is for kids..
    I play WOT for the battle action and drama, no kiddy Domination, general''s etc..

  10. LordAnubis0909

    people are shit in this mode

  11. CoC HorrorShow

    Domination is fun, HOWEVER:
     1. Only use two tanks. Using all three cost more credits.
     2. Capturing flags earns you NO credits or XPs. Unfortunately, it's all about how much damage/kills you get. I captured 3 flags and owed credits when the game was over.

    The game does not reward players playing the game as intended. Just sit and shoot, and hope someone wins the game for you while you acquire damage/kills.

  12. timmyp34

    What makes this better, so far, is the lack of bullcrap like bouncing every shot while the enemy ammo racks you every shot.   Seems very fair so far

  13. Bill Osby

    Sorry, as much as I enjoy watching your videos I'm not going to watch this one. Respawning is simply stupid and I refuse to deal with it.

  14. Edisito003 :O

    I kinda want like a massive map with 50 vs 50 or even better 100 vs 100 Ik the wait time could be terrible but it would be crazy epic nd u get mby 3 lives with tiers from 1-4 5-7 and 8-10 nd u need a minimum of 3 tanks of those tiers I mean common imagine how epic those battles would be and the only way to win it is to Cap all areas if ur the attacking team and if ur the defending team then u just needa wait out the timer or better yet defend until a certain point then u would be aloud to invade and become the attacker also I feel like artillery could be crazy useful but at the same time not too op because of map size nd light tanks would serve a whole new purpose for a defending team idk I just think it would be a fantastic idea to have large scale battles based on history events mby we will see that in the years to come.. I mean even in April fools it would be funny if they made an under water map locked to British vs Germany lmfao hopefully someone understands what i mean when I refer to that anyway that's just my idea

  15. Gary McCready

    Thanks for that!  I've played a few but didn't quite get what was what….lol

  16. Peter Richards

    Great talk through, I should have viewed this before jumping straight in and upsetting the rest of my team.
    Will I play this a lot, not sure: I'll give it a few more plays then decide.

  17. Cole Jiang

    Should allow players to make more money, that way more people can make some credits even for a loss.

  18. Mikael Falkenberg

    I played domination today for the first time and it was new experience for me and fun. I haven't researched up to tier 10 in the techtree so i really appreciate that the tanks were given to me. Though, to be honest here, i had been even more grateful if i would had the option to use the tanks in random battles as well. But i guess it had been unfair when everybody else grinded up to tier 10.

  19. Cezar Margarit

    Played it once yesterday an I love it. Nice game mode and nice preview

  20. Paul Varga

    I tried it and hated it.

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