World of Tanks – Do’s and Don’ts – Ep. 1

Timmy’s Tips

– Resist the urge to rush through open spaces; the enemy can be lurking behind every obstacle!
– Rely on allies to spot the enemy and minimize your exposure to enemy fire
– Pay attention to combat hot zones and move through them tactically

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  1. Bradley Hayman

    RIP Timmy. God wanted his brave angel back in heaven. Peace.

  2. Lisa winn

    love these silly but informative little mini videos.

  3. Matthew Modest

    Really timmy

  4. kam hagh

    Don't: play this game!

  5. Colin Bremner

    i got an email with a link to this… im not that bad jeeze…

  6. Valerij Kozlov

    Suppose so many people rush because it's fun. camping in bushes for 15 minutes to fire few rounds is not that exiting.

  7. Taru

    Fallout …..

  8. chewchewtrain


  9. Lex Hawthorn

    Remember 'Timmy'…… Incoming Fire?…… Always has the Right of Way… 😉

  10. bagdon

    hell need to rely on teamwork to…timmy! DOOOOONT!!

  11. bagdon

    that's what my sister did the first time she played

  12. bagdon


  13. bebeama

    I got nothing fuckers ban to take precautions account

  14. Destin Gan

    What about the t2 light?

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