World of Tanks – Do’s and Don’ts – Ep. 3

Timmy’s Tips

– Firing your gun can often reveal your position! Improve your chance to survive by shooting behind foliage.
– Survey the battlefield while concealed and spot the enemy when they can’t see you.
– Use this cover to take an early shot and move before the enemy knows what hit ‚em!

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  1. Matthew Modest

    Timmy for the third time get your life together

  2. Kion The Lion

    Timmy, stay off the battlefield.

  3. Turbo 5577

    Timmy Y R U so bad…… LOL


    WOT the ultimate campers game.

  5. dane clarke

    timmy is an asshole

  6. Jeanne D'Arc

    Why is it always the american tank that blows up

  7. Ernest Ruger

    And for pity's sake! Hide behind the bush, not in it. Any bits of your tank poking through the bush are as bad as no bush at all. Check this by holding RMB and looking at your tank from the front. If you don't see a solid white outline around your entire tank, then you're not camouflaged.

  8. John Vitor Araujo

    Omg i Dont know…Its just that you guys do such a greath game with so much cotent And details…!And dall for Free

  9. lubu523

    tier 5 panzer IV vs tier 1 tank?


  10. bagdon


  11. Kanna Chan

    35 segs = a parnher!!!

  12. Outwardpanicjoe

    O no someone killed Timmy

  13. iDroxzhy

    Iam a master bush worker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. The Great Steve

    I would if you didn't keep removing more every update.