World of Tanks – Do’s and Don’ts – Ep. 6

Timmy’s Tips

– Look for moments where you can sneak around a firefight and hit the enemy from the side or rear
– Practically every vehicle is weakest in the rear, so even low-penetration or low-velocity shots may deal notable damage
– Stay aware during shootouts and watch out for enemies that could be flanking you, too!

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  1. Boommer35

    People commenting like these clips aren't anything.

    But whenever I go back to playing in pubs, a lot of people don't even do a single one of these.

  2. Adrian Ciup

    most retarded clips ever… but it is for americans so i guess i understand….. they need "special" videos like this to understand…

  3. Quixotic Commentor

    Sure, because as long as it's behind them, a T1 Cunningham can kill 2 SU-100s.

  4. fat

    how can the armor of a tier 2 SPG be thick enough to block shots from tier ones?

  5. Echo Cabrera

    timmy didn't die for once ._.

  6. T00n Ma5t3r

    this is where they learned to kill
    my t18…..

  7. TheHellcat

    que bonitos recuerdos de cuando el T18 era un cazatanque muy bueno… :v

  8. Giorgi Gabunia

    im actually pretty fine with the fact t18 is a spg now

  9. Sagara Sousuke

    Hahahahahahah %90 of people don't do this, they just go to the famous spots of the map where they KNOW they will face front vs front the enemy.
    Wait, my bad, people don't need to flank because Gold ammo breaks all strategy, just load gold and done.

  10. john doe

    wow, Timmy is getting smarter in the game

  11. alejo granja


  12. Adornado Estanes

    0:14 The most dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  13. Da_Asian178

    These stuff Are Really Helpfull

  14. Mrwutevah

    This is why I kind of disapprove of the really high tier games… gold spam has partially replaced flanking there because of the fact that the maps are the same size but everyone has better view range but worse camo and all tanks are bigger… it just doesn't work as well there.

  15. Platonic Love

    Technically that was outflanking but ok.

  16. Quinn Hemesath

    scuba diving in a tank… dont…

  17. Bendin' on Buckin' Broncos

    The biggest thing I struggle with in my Centurion 1 is timing. I don't know the maps by heart so I'm unsure what path to take when flanking, so my indecision usually ends up with me out in the open being pelted in the side by a sneaky JPanther II.

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