World of Tanks – Do’s and Don’ts – Ep. 7

Timmy’s Tips

– Be a team player; treat your allies the way you’d like to be treated
– Don’t intentionally park behind an ally –- the more guns in the fight, the greater your chance of success
– Even in close quarters, space is helpful. Make sure you and your teammates have some wiggle room!

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  1. Jpertubal4

    Always happens to me, it sucks…

  2. clive carnage

    I wasn't interested in this game until I saw this. I've got some serious blocking to do.

  3. Haggysack2k8


  4. Plenus Metullum

    What song is playing in the background

  5. Wylie Mitchell

    people like Tommy are like libtards.. can't tell 'um anything, they can't think logically and are the first to hunt you down in chat and lambaste you for their own stupidities.

  6. Kylas

    y'know you'd think this'd be obvious to players but i still see it happen

  7. Joshua Manausa

    the last two episodes is the reason I keep dying .

  8. Fredrick.s

    This always happens to me

  9. Kion The Lion

    Timmy, you should be court-martialed.

  10. Marianne Jensen

    great little series, Wargaming. Short to the point, and fun

  11. Seargent Gaming

    always happens when I'm at low health

  12. yourallygod gaming



    Do the mini map next!

  14. spectreid

    call me an asshole but isn't it usually a good idea to use teammates as cover?
    this has worked in pretty much every online game I have ever played…

  15. Alexis Ramirez

    no more timmy???

  16. Hydro Xeno

    I'd use my E-100 on the Xbox version, Takes a shot and you know that horrible reload time.. Back up and well lets say ANOTHER E-100 would be behind me, Or some giant large tank.. This is a 200% Don't.. JUST DON'T! O-O | Reason: Common Sense…

  17. Kazimierz Brudzynski

    Its really anoying when there is a tank that is bigger then you but has no brain and pushed you into enemy fire and then says you are noobish, it happens to me all the time and even once i was in a tier 2 tank and was firing infront an enemy and my team mate came ramming into me a killing me but the enemy survived. i had this problem in all tiers. Sometimes its useful for someone to come crashing into you and dieing + killing the enemy.

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