World of Tanks – Dragon Type 62 Review

World of Tanks - Dragon Type 62 Review

I take a look at one of the new monster tanks, the tier 7 Chinese light tank, the Dragon Type 62.
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  1. Scott Bozarth

    I've got some buyer remorse with this tank. I hope they buff it someday soon.

  2. dzager78

    your german is good hello from germany; )

  3. Josh Davidson

    U wasted so much time in the beginning

  4. Taylor Barbieri

    I'm happy we can earn the Gorynich. For 300 points??? That big boy is as good as mine!

  5. Panzer Dragon

    I find it so ironic, dragons are big menacing fire breathing hulks and they choose a small puny little light tank for it? Its funny but come on wargaming.

  6. Jason Martin

    Never dispand that crew. Ever….

  7. English Mustard

    Both Dragon & Höllenhund are not worth parting with money for, imo !

  8. esbam2002

    This tank gets better when tier 10 lights come and it stays the same, but with 7-9 MM

  9. adam reinard

    Why can't the hollenhound and the dragon be earned?

  10. Wicked 1323

    Am not sure if I should buy the bundle or wait 6 to 12 months to get it for free if they make a earn up op. I like the looks on the tank. I already have Kaiju, Kraft's Panther, & Lycan. Going to try and get the Gorynych.

  11. Sam F

    Chinese finger trap barrel lol

  12. Josef Stalin

    Hate wargaming for letting us get a free gorynych after making us pay like 200$ last year for one

  13. McLogo76

    You did pronounce the Höllenhund correctly 😉 – Nice Review! I still think the WZ 131 and Type 62 are good lights as they can fit vert. stabs unlike some other T7 lights.

  14. Jack Bailey

    Hey Cap! It has been a while since I commented on some of your videos but I have been watching. I was wondering if you could bring back series like the Map tactics and talking about the various classes of vehicles, like the British Heavies, and showing us how to do well in them. I don't know if me being with you since 1,500 subscribers has any weight or not but I ask that you consider it. Cheers!

  15. Matt Cochrane

    Thank you sooo much for posting this. I was torn between the dragon and the hellhound. Well, now I won’t be getting both.

  16. titanic sauce

    Another well done review, thank-you Sir.

  17. Gelatinous Potato Mine

    WHOA WHOA WHOA Was that an AMX ELC Bis in a tier X game at 19:08

  18. JohnyWatchPlay

    I very Like the Design from the Dragon Type 62 but i like the gun from the Wz-131 a bit more. Great Video

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