World Of Tanks – DROWNING TANK

World of Tanks is free to play and if you download using the code ‚YOGSCAST‘ from this link you’ll get €15 of free stuff: This video was made in association with Wargaming, publishers of World of Tanks.

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  1. I Like Turtles

    5:46 Thats what she said

  2. tijmen131

    if you were in my team at tier x I would be triggered hahahahaha

  3. yereverluvinuncleber

    Bunch of tossers…

  4. Jake Bustillos

    What was that opening song?

  5. VeggeMight

    1000% better without kim

  6. Anthony Schlessman

    i think its really important to have someone on the team that's a good tank in this game

  7. Alex Webster

    Take it easy! It's not cod ;P

  8. Julian Holland Trumbo

    Pleassse make a longer series on this I saw you and hat films and rythian and Kim play this like 4 days ago and already it's like my favorite game

  9. helen dyer

    Duncan i would love to see you play BF1 when in beta

  10. helen dyer

    I think Duncan should do a BF 1 video when it reaches beta

  11. Tommygun 27yolo



    They're the worst tank drivers ever- But I luv all there other stuff- 😉

  13. Gewel

    I would TK them at the start if they were in my team. But playing WT atm (WoT got bored and was crashing af)

  14. 123eldest

    Why does Duncan limit his framerate to 127 fps?!

  15. Ben Deane

    Duncan, that's left…

  16. Tosh Omni

    This is hilarious but you guys might want to stick to lower tiers until you learn to use cover and how to take the right kind of risks.

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