World of Tanks || E-25 – Tank Review

Quick Tank Review of the T7 premium German tank destroyer the E-25!

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  1. Aaron Sun

    td looking like a kabuto beetle

  2. thomas anderson

    this tank is basically a fast stug.on the right map it is good, but ti is worthless against most other tier 7 and has 0 chance against almost all tier 8.They nerfed the cammo so its main attribute .tank gets spotted pretty easily.My e-25 has camo net,camo paint, all crew has camo bonus and a tank peeked over a ridge 4 grids away and spotted me behind a bush.I am not sure if there is a cheat that would make this possible.Overall im pretty dissapointed in the e-25 especially the pen on the gun

  3. Renz Gamez

    i like the e25 and i want 1 too!

  4. Kristof Volkaerts

    Hi, what mod do you use on this video? if you check your log after a battle it shows you how good you played "WN8" would like to check mine for each battle but the mod that you made doesen't show it 🙂

  5. SoylentGamer

    brain power starts playing

  6. KalloXX

    i got bounced By E100 in training room XDDDD

  7. Adam Baker

    the problem with this is that the commander also takes the radio officer position, meaning to get the most out of this tank you may have to train 5 skills

  8. Badly

    Anyone got a E25? I'll pay £20 for it? ;(

  9. lukebuke34

    why are u running on low graphics in this video

  10. Flavia Pitariu

    At15a has limited match making also

  11. BabyAssasimon ,

    i have the e25 and its super awesome

  12. Michael Le Grange

    love my E-25. excellent tank and just a lot of fun. Hate it though when you're up against it and you can't see the little bustard…

  13. Brian Griffin

    I sold my E25 for silver

  14. Overtizie

    its me the Tiger 1 😀

  15. Rolland Chapin

    hi thanks a ton for your insight…..jingles revved me up over this TD…to mythical proportions….have been able to kill a couple….but wow they can be extremely decisive in winning games

  16. Santa

    if anybody wants to buy an account with an e25 on it just msg me

  17. Pelle Verschuur

    Su100Y is more fun

  18. 187Ares

    I started with the game
    Just as the E25 was removed… Would be so nice of f wg put it in the calendar for 1 day.. I want 1 🙁

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