World of Tanks || E-25 – too good?

World of Tanks – E-25 – too good? The T7 German premium tank destroyer the E-25 using view range mechanics to its advantage! Is it too good?

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  1. Bob Dickens

    Wot Blitz made the E25 even more OP.. they increased pen, and APCR is standard, with HEAT as prem

  2. Niko Barnouin-Jha

    I want the E 25 back in WOT!! ;(

  3. Frozen_Waffle

    I don't think it's OP, well at long ranges it kinda is but at medium and close ranges other TD would destroy it!!

  4. Ryan Chen

    OP quick reloading sniper

  5. Adawi Grizzleheim

    There is a flaw to that strategy, it doesn't have much pen so…

  6. Surprised Chicken

    tanks needs a buff. not enough ammo to club all the seals

  7. Dudu Sandwich


  8. Superhero12313 !

    Keep up the great vids

  9. Just so I can Fing comment

    Nerf it?…..WTF!?!
    If I wanted a tank that would be shit and constantly changing at the bitching of morons, pussy's and idiots that can not learn how to play, with no special features….Then I would not have paid real fucking money for a special tank!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and just kept grinding up the lines like everyone else!

  10. Adam Masaki

    are you playing the game?? or watching?!

  11. juan lopez


  12. Joe Smoe

    Can someone tell me if the camo rating has been nerfed since this video? I know it's been two years…

  13. Karl der Wal

    E25 op as fuck

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