World of Tanks || E 25 – Too Popular?

World of Tanks – E 25. Today _n0n4m3_ is going to demonstrate why the E 25 became so popular that it was removed from the shop.

Please note I make a mistake in this video the E 25 was actually removed from sale two years ago – how time flies!

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  1. David Jörg

    Just be in a kv2 and wait behind a rock till e25 gets spotted or drives oast that rock and and boom you just did history

  2. Griffin Gaming

    What I hate isn't he paying part of it, but when I have a tank that I like and it's garbage. I don't mean like the TOG II*, but more like the Porche Tiger. That and when you have to grind through absolutely terrible garbage tanks like the M3 Lee, Churchill VII, or whatever the Japanese tank is before the O-I EXP. Though there are some OP tech tree tanks too like the O-I, KV 2, and T67 too.

  3. Jussi Raitoniemi

    3.29 Worked out great

  4. DropFiveZero

    That game is less than impressive…. Just a good game in a E-25…

  5. Ric Lulua

    it gets tough for us regular players to enjoy te game when we get killed in a game we could orare doing well in. I get frustrated and just log off.

  6. Whazzat

    good way to chase off as many players as you can. Narcissistic bully play sure encourages others with pay to win


    Just a thought from a real sniper. I get frustrated in the game trying to play as a sniper. As a sniper (td) in game you need ONE of three things to be effective… 1 a killer gun to take away half their life with one shot but a long reload or… 2 camo that doesn't disappear when you shoot or…3 mobility and a high rate of fire with a weaker gun. This may seem over powered but if WG would make each and every tank class have its own advantage, the team play would be so very very critical. In a td u already have several disadvantages to begin with… weak armor and a slow reload and a gun that takes several shots to kill most anything,slow speed and slow traverse…etc. If the other classes would be appropriately buffed to their potential and their…individual…. advantages, this game would become so much better. IMHO

  8. Good tank Gamer

    And I subscribe

  9. Good tank Gamer

    I play on world of tanks blitz

  10. Good tank Gamer

    Quickybaby I have the E25 and I love it it's my favorite I have 126.9k exp on it

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