World of Tanks || E-75 – German Engineering

Today SSRSDirektor is going to show you how to play the T9 German heavy tank the E-75 in a tense round on Himmelsdorf.


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  1. MZC 23

    good game overall take it anyday but the last play is absolute cancer why sidescrape when they cant pen u frontally at all should have faced the panther with ur front and if he rushes track and ram

  2. _____iBeg_____

    I mean… When I get 2v1-3v1'ed… I get flanked properly… That lorraine literally had his ass and decided to drive directly in front of his gun instead. What a moron. Still a great job done by him. The lack of skill from his opponents definitely doesnt denote his own skill.

  3. Chris Ostapovitch


  4. daniel yasin

    people in the comments are like this guy is garbage, I bet you couldn't do 5k damage in your e75. this guy is a true pro

  5. Commandant Teste

    Panther should have shot He

  6. Nick Scherschel

    He could have pinned the panther with one of those wrecks at the end, thou panther could have just HE'd him. Tough situation

  7. Krampus

    JT E100 wrecks me for over 1k damage in my E75 no matter my angling….

  8. Марио Петров

    E 75 should be Tier 10 … this tank is rediculas … I cant pen him frontaly with JTE100

  9. Bikeman

    The panther should have just rammed him

  10. Panda Imagine

    That panther kept his cool I would of messed up thinking no way am I going against a tier 9

  11. Josef Stalin

    i just got my e75 today, only have the first 105 mm gun tho

  12. jordi de waard

    I think if he kept facehugging the Panther and kept pushing him towards the wall he could have won, but well played anyway ;P

  13. DrPet80


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