World of Tanks E75 – 6 Kills 8,6K Damage

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World of Tanks E75 – 6 Kills 8,6K Damage

Medals received: Spartan, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun

The E 75 is a German tier 9 heavy tank.

In 1945 the E 75 was conceived as a standard heavy tank of the Panzerwaffe to replace the Tiger II. It existed only in blueprints.

The first heavy tank in the Entwicklung series, this tank has thick frontal armor that comes with excellent sloping at the front. Stock, it is armed with the inadequate 8.8 cm KwK 43 L/71, but can also use the 10.5 cm KwK 46 L/68 from the Tiger II, so make sure to research it before using the E-75, unless you want a terrible grind. Eventually, you will have access to the very powerful 12.8 cm KwK 44 L/55 that packs a sizable punch up close or afar, albeit being relatively unreliable at range (in contrast to earlier tanks). As such, owing to the great armor and devastating weaponry, it is an excellent brawler, perhaps the perfect definition of one for Tier 9. The E-75 has sluggish acceleration, making it difficult to move around. While the E-75 is one of the easier tanks to flank, it is still harder to damage once flanked thanks to its relatively thick side armor.

Speed and agility aside, it is a versatile tank. You can be a close range brawler relying on your brutish armor and firepower to keep you alive, but due to the poor vision, merely average penetration, poor gun handling, and low DPM, sniping like previous tanks is unadvisable. The E-75 is one of the most dynamic heavies of its tier, with thick hull and turret armor coupled with an excellent gun. In situations in which your armor does not hold out against enemy fire, you have enough hitpoints to last while you’re under fire.

The E 75 leads to the E 100.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



  1. jhonattan big boss 12345


  2. Downward Deviance

    Could never do this, with WOT almost all my shots bounce since last upgrade and my alpha has been cut down to 15-30% of listed when I do pen. With E75, average damage on a pen is like 100-150 at best, and accuracy is about 3X what aim circle shows, as the majority of my shots fall outside of circle, even when at stand still and totally aimed in. Probably 7 out of 10 shots just go where ever they want or just disappear. And with those shots he took, with my E75 they all would have been 3x alpha of attacking tank and 2-3 crits. Have been looking up alpha tanks after battle and in every case getting hit for 200-250% of their alpha damage, would have been dead on second pen. Took a 650 damage from a cromwell that also knocked out my engine, tracked me, ammo rack, driver and commander….on one shot. In another match bounced broadside on an E25 that then single shot me with an ammo rack from full health….on the upper front plate. How does one get a WOT account that works? In last 200 games have won ~5 matches. Even with terrible RNG hate the rest of my team usually does worse than I do, and quite often find myself facing 10-15 tanks by myself. Since last upgrade, the game has been really showing that it is rigged in favor of some players and against other players. If War Gamers wants to stay in business need to stop rigging the matches.


    let's nerf accuracy! type 4 and 5 heavy= balance!

  4. Krampus

    I don't understand this tactics sometimes, but GG! Love E75!

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