World of Tanks || Edelweiss: Valkyria Chronicles

World of Tanks || Edelweiss: Valkyria Chronicles

World of Tanks – Edelweiss: Valkyria Chronicles. Today I’m looking at something completely bizarre from the World of Tanks Asia server; a brand new T8 Japanese premium medium – Edelweiss from Valkyria Chronicles.

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  1. QuickyBaby

    Hope you enjoy this video on the Edelweiss!

    IS-7 Tech Tree Showcase LIVE NOW!

  2. Deadeye Cypher

    So if we have these does that mean we can have other made up tanks? cause i am waiting on my Land Raider Ares if that is the case

  3. Hope Onofrey

    I love this game series, and want the tanks to come to EU/NA… However Nameless scares me, since it seems it can easily compete with the Patriot and Defender for over tuned premiums…

  4. HearseMonkey

    Maybe they should make a new game, "world of fantasy tanks".
    They could have all the tanks from movies, comics and games in it.

  5. Todor Markovic

    You have made your case. I'm making a WoT Asia server profile and not because of the tanks.

  6. AzelRavenWood

    This tank looks more akin to the tier 10 german light tank and not a Rhino or Land Raider. Those things are a lot more angular and larger lol. Though as a player of both the 40k video games and the table top game, I greatly enmoy the fact that you are a 40K fan!!!! I would also take a Leman Russ Battle Tank in WoT lol. Forward for the Emperor!!!!! And the Necrons!!!!! Death to the Nids!!!!! :p

  7. Anime Busta

    All these complaints about these tanks when you dont realise that they are ONLY ON THE ASIAN servers! as they requested it. Asia works different to the Western world, heck if they added the tank from command and conquer with 2 cannon barrels, a lot of people will be happy for it simply because they love the game, same as the Asians with their anime and games, so can all the hypocrites stfu about this honestly, its a game, focused in an arcade manner.

  8. Falconxpro

    SlowToes on Asia server instead of Quickfingers on the EU server. Well done QB

  9. Traumatic_xD

    Only 2k more to 500k <3 QB

  10. Alexander Lauxmann

    I still don't want this tank in the game because that means the OP nameless will be in the game to, they won't split them up.

  11. Viy Snjór

    So, while I'm of mixed opinion of the introduction of such a blatantly fictional vehicle into world of tanks.. I think I can get over that, as the tank itself I think looks quite nice, and unlike the Nameless, I wouldn't mind seeing this one on NA or EU as it actually seems balanced.. which is strange to see from wargaming lately. That being said, however, the Nameless IS as overpowered as overpowered can be, and I would be VERY pissed off if wargaming tried to release that tank as-is on NA or EU.

  12. Tyler Boule

    Oh god world of tanks is going to turn into armored warfare

  13. Marleau

    Fuck WG.

  14. Madude 62

    QB you didn't mention about the heavy angling on its turret, on Blitz it's pure troll pulling off bounces on 122mm guns

  15. don trotter

    The concept of buying a gold tank and not being able to transfer a 5 tier crew into it is simply fabulous! For once a new tank line dosent have extra advantages.The pure bs of I'm just gonna train my medium tank crew in it is finally called. yeah Wg

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