1. Marcelo Gutiérrez

    Wtf is Nigel Thornberry doing there lmao!

  2. Hot Wheels


  3. Superman

    watta rapper.

  4. MIG-F-86

    Why doesn't Wargaming put a competitive game mode into the game like what we see here? If they would just make a competitive mode that was 7 vs 7 all same tier (best of three) that any one with a tier 5 and up can Participate in, and provide insensitive's to play in this new game mode like; skill based match making, personal reserves (Credit boosters in high tiers 9 and 10, and experience boosters for the lower tiers 5-8 for wins) as rewards, and enable team voice coms. WGL would likely start to see a lot more viewer's if only such a game mode existed in-game, and It would bring back some the older players, and get more people interested in the game again.


    Pozdrawiam Serdecznie Klan AZYLX AZYL_PL

  6. Scale Model Making

    just light tanks 🙁

  7. Kings Time

    El gaming are what u call idiots not noobs
    Cuz I mean like bringing lights so much in every game the health point different

  8. 4A6F6F6C730D 4A

    Masterful baiter qb lol

  9. Trev

    Guy I don't know – "They can smell the crowd, definitely."
    Quickybaby – "Hmpph"


  10. Jaydin Shuya

    Time to watch QuickyBaby and TheMightyJin- … wait, that's not Jingles…who the hell is that guy and what did he do with Jingles?!?!

  11. pebe1900

    what did the pay the el to win ?

  12. Herry Rico

    Why is the game graphics so bad

  13. Timmy Choi

    skilled premium shells , full loadout of premium, that is how u play wot (AND PLAY RUSSIAN TANK)

  14. Егор Головень