World of Tanks || Emil – Tank Review

World of Tanks || Emil - Tank Review

World of Tanks – Emil. Today I’m reviewing the T8 Swedish heavy autoloader the Emil! This vehicle has some of the best turret armour in the game as well as 12 degrees of gun depression and a magazine capable of dishing our 1,280 dmg – what a beast!

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  1. Gijs Van Liemde

    Just got trough the emil I and currently at Emil II, did not like the emil tho turret is good but penetration with normal en premium is bit lacking. Nevertheless only encountered 5 tier 7 or lower games in about 100 battles. Aim time and accuracy are decent but would recommend amx 50 100 over the emil I all the time.

  2. Alex Mhm

    Prepare for the WZ replay( i wrote this before QB uppload it on this channel)

  3. David Martin

    yo QB!
    Pls post videos more often. i need a DAILY injection of Quickybaby in my Life!!!!
    ur awesome mate.

  4. Vaxinity

    Russian Gun Depression Gives Me Crippling Depression

  5. Stephen McInerney

    Got 1450 base XP yesterday and thats still a first class 🙁

  6. Shayne Bates

    Does Quickybaby have a mod pack for 9.18 yet? Can't seem to find one.

  7. Raven Blackwood

    Just DL this game, not played it yet. Checking out videos first and I'm so glad I came across you first. Great youtuber, awesome and informative video. Thanks 🙂

  8. eşeğinz2

    1:25 is-6 doesnt have 225 mm pen

  9. victor plitt

    quick question. i have 10k battles decent wn8 (it says abover average) but my win rate is 48 percent. i know this is pretty bad win rate but i feel like im at least a decent player. anyone else?

  10. Scrum Reabar

    dang, is6 has 225mm of pen now? op;)

  11. Derrick Ranshaw


  12. keilanz YT

    Somebody help I can't find the emil 1 anywere

  13. L

    Emil I is the best in the line. Emil II has awful accuracy, and the Kranvagn's DPM is the worst of all tier 10 heavies.

  14. alen zatagic

    i had to kill 10 tanks to get ace in Emil

  15. McAdder1

    Is it fair to say that you will never be a green to blue XVM player on WOT without having a premium account?

  16. MM

    Nice video!! 😀

  17. Jason Maglaqui

    Am I the only one that thinks he bounced on the conway?

  18. Philip Krook

    I love my Emil! Grinding towards Emil II now.
    Had an awesome game with my Leo just now, please have a look! I am so stoked with this game. Thanks for fun and interesting vids!!!
    My replay:

  19. JP Neri

    most of your replays are w/o SPG's. i wonder why?

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