World Of Tanks | Ep. #40 | 5x XP AMX 13 90, M46 Patton finally, T34, Type 59

World of Tanks gameplay Live commentary. Thumbs, comments, suggestions?
Comment about what tanks You would like to see next?
Tanks in action:
-France/French AMX 13 90 Light tank
-USA/American M46 Patton Medium tank
-USA/American T34 Heavy tank
-China/Chinese Type 59 Medium tank

Mods I am using:

Icon mod:
Sniper mod:
Damage panel:


  1. Sleinous

    what map is this? I havent come across it at all in 8.2, has it been pulled?

  2. DezGamez

    no. 🙂 Estonian.

  3. DezGamez

    Hehe, I'm glad.

  4. DezGamez

    Pleasure is mine sir! 🙂

  5. DezGamez


    You can be sure! 🙂

  6. Dashcam Vancouver & Lower Mainland

    This commentary won my subscription

  7. DezGamez


    There will be, u can be sure! 🙂

  8. Bimesh De Silva

    I mean more French tank gameplay LOL

  9. Bimesh De Silva

    Nice video, hope to see some French tank gameplay in the future 🙂

  10. DezGamez


    Ture, it is fun tank! 🙂

  11. DezGamez


    Thanks m8! 🙂

  12. DezGamez


    No problem m8! 🙂

  13. caseyoowski

    I love that amx its fast and powerful like for light tank 😀

  14. timurlenko

    You can find detailed description of upcoming transitions for 7.2 in US Q&A nr 12. Unlike european team they are doing some good work lately so it's well worth reading their version.

  15. Gztz168

    nice video
    thx 🙂