World of Tanks – EPIC! [AT 2 | 1 vs 6, 10 KILLS]

World of Tanks - EPIC! [AT 2 | 1 vs 6, 10 KILLS]

EPIC carry in the AT 2 in World of Tanks, facing a 1v6 finish!
British power fantasy… AT 2 goes HAM and casually headbutts two thirds of the enemy team. No seals were harmed during the making of this video! (OK, maybe a few…)

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  1. Gnawer Shreth

    lol that T1 has to be a sealclubbing stat padder. There's no way he can become Green-Blue-ish the "regular" way and not know about AT-line weak spots. He probably got all his good stats from playing thousands of battles in tier II or III or something. 😛

  2. jkamin88

    I love and hate the AT2. I hate the low speed and I love the armour that tank can take a pounding. lol

  3. Skull Magma80

    Nice , u are pro

  4. Ronald Bosch

    10 kills respect

  5. maarten61

    This is also a crazy (1vs7 tier VI) battle in which all enemies came in front of my tier V gun, 1 by 1.

  6. WillGaming_

    Holy crap how old is this replay?

  7. Kstewy 11

    Am I wrong when I say this? The AT2 has OP armour…

  8. Beta Kevin the Video
    2.Watch the Video xD

  9. Juha-Petteri Strömberg


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