World of Tanks || EPIC SCOUTS

World of Tanks. Today we’re going to witness some epic scouting in the T-100 LT and Rheinmetall Panzerwagen from Die_Rohrzange and Pacanek01!

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  1. QuickyBaby

    Check out Die_Rohrzange –

  2. Reinforced Thr3ads

    says (420) spotting, then says( joint) highest

  3. TryMe Noob

    One time i got 2k spotting damage

    in a tier 4 light tank

  4. nicholas dean

    390??? that is amazing compared to the French 105 that has 360….

  5. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    qb why dont get a hight caliber whats why why olny get so littel xp

  6. Covers, Lessons and more

    die Rohrzange is german and means the pipe tongs

  7. Jack Ass

    Ru 251 used to be 80km/h, and chaffee 77km/h, now that they nerfed them, those tank sucks even more. So fuck you wargaming cunts

  8. Matthias Moreno

    I have also had a great scout game an Live Oaks several years ago. I was playing the Aufklärungspanzer Panther at the oposite side of the map in a T10 matchup. I've managed to reach D7/E8 position without any enemy trying to stop me. There were many T10 DTs like WT auf E100 or Jagdpanzer E100 crossing the railway line, which instantly got shot by my team.
    I ended up with about 13k spotting dmg. Back then I was a noob so I didn't know, what I was doing exactly and I got this result more because of luck and a good team, then my driving skills.

  9. Skip Donahue

    Blind scout. Grat WG!

  10. Andrei Neacsu

    Tracking those mauses was not a good play qb..track doesnt count for moe if u got more spotting

  11. Toti's y eso

    That T100LT repairs chains very fast, what a pro

  12. jgodo78

    Yea this is the new great WG ballance… 15:2 and 15:3 … better and better FU WG .i.

  13. Anmol Hotwani

    Make a video on what qualities a battle caller should have for clan wars and stronghold ft any battle caller form a good clan I am sure it will bring lots of views for sure

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