World of Tanks – Epic wins and fails [Episode 53]

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I get it that all of you who watch my videos might not like them, but, please, keep your negative comments for yourself, because we are all here to have fun.
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Music used (in order):
Jan Warin – Infinity
Montee – Tape Machine
Blazars – Northern Lights

Intro song – D-Providerz – Flame On The Brain

Outro song:
JKuch – Nova

All the songs‘ names are listed in the outro and/or in the description of every video, and I will NOT answer any comments regarding music.


  1. Pieseł PlayGames

    6.18 song?

  2. Mirajane

    what is the name of the song in your intro?

  3. Сева Воробьев

    Oooh sry Northern Lights

  4. Сева Воробьев

    Polaris eh?

  5. Сева Воробьев

    Memetepst nice music from Blazars

  6. Ярослав Миронович


  7. jose Bernal


  8. perica mihajlovic

    Ja mislim da je tvoj video super :]

  9. rentingdairy

    can i get the sound effects please?

  10. Prophet

    i was playing wot on ps4 and was using grille i was just shooting randomly in sky (battle just started) while poistioning,the third shot hitted someone randomly i was suprised i want to share this video how can i extract that video out of my ps4??

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