WORLD OF TANKS – Epic wins and fails [Episode 76]


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Music used (in order):
Blackmill – Conscious
S Strong – & Boogie Belgique – Noir
Miza – Jumbo

Intro song:
D-Providerz – Flame On The Brain

Outro song:
JKuch – Nova

All the songs‘ names are listed in the outro and/or in the description of every video, and I will NOT answer any comments regarding music.


  1. Cristian Micu

    russian accent is horrible as usual

  2. Karol Karol

    What song is it from 0:25 to 3:33 please !??

  3. ChaisterXD Xd

    aeeee minha foto :3

  4. Zexer One

    nemetepst you are best youtuber

  5. link


  6. Pavel Barda


  7. Руслан Русаков


  8. Zuni bright Jason light

    4:337:25 i had one of these moments with my T-54 7 kills

  9. Fábio Guerreiro

    that E5 replay is epic man!!!!

  10. Jakub Mařík

    that video was in e
    pisode 26

  11. Baron Stone

    every time i watch your videos its the most funniest movies i can watch all day long and laugh my ass off. thank you for good work…put more funny sounds

  12. CR Watts

    You know the sound clips with the throaty, deep voiced Russian guy that says "IT IS GOOD DAY TO BE GIANT MAN!" and stuff like that? Is that from a movie or video game and if so what? @nemetepst

  13. casius james

    #E5GOALS damn I hope I can get mm like that in my e5 when I get itXD another great vid bro love it! it's amzing to see just how far the series came so far! congrats man and thnx for all your hard work!

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