1. The_Radioman_is_Bleeding

    i couldn't do it.. maybe without coms but it's so triggering listening to bad players thoughts

  2. Erwin Lommer

    I kinda feel like clockworks just needs to learn the really basic stuff first. It seems he doesn't know the concept of hull down which is why he always drives to fully exposed positions or into the open to take shots. Guys like him end up taking massive amounts of damage because they don't use cover. Similarly he doesn't seem to have any map awareness. Maybe his minimap is not set up correctly so tanks that have become unspotted don't show up anymore or he keeps his minimap really small and doesnt look at it. But with that jpz100 it was kinda obvious he needed to be told it is still there every time he was about to go around the corner.

    Just needs to learn the basic stuff before he can learn map positions or how to engage multiple tanks at the same time.

    Another weird thing was that apparently he did not carry any prem shells. And did not even want to spend the money on repair kit to get out of being tracked. I mean things like prem fire extinguishers and small repair kits are worth using because they save money. There is no reason to not use them if you want to save credits. Big repair and health kits and foods are optional. I'm wondering if he did have any equipment either?

    Looking at this replay it was obvious why he is at 44%. He just needs to learn the basics. I'm not sure how much he can learn from teaming up with unicums but he could learn a lot from simply reading some basic tutorials. It is great he was willing to go on a stream and learn in such public setting but I feel it was too much too soon. I think everybody can get to somewhere like 55% on their. At that point these learning streams become super useful because you have the basic skillset to be able to do anything anfield asks while still having enough capacity left to learn why do those things.

  3. Lail Sidgar

    It's sad that this clockwork didn't touch the game after you mentored him anymore. Although I applaud the readiness to improve it's still evident that this Clockworks doesn't wish to put time into this to improve.

  4. Stanislav Coros

    if they dont have military logic reactions from begining it s worthless player. Hiding and situational awarness is not something u can teach 😀

  5. Borghesi tanck

    useless and so hard play versus cheaters and bots

  6. Borghesi tanck

    World of Hackers

  7. U2HAVE8ME

    great display of patience

  8. Tim Riley

    How do you keep track of 2 tanks at the same time? When he crested that dune on sand river I cringed so hard lol.

  9. Zealot Zirean

    Chat was ignored 🙁

  10. Jef Ward

    Do u charge 20$ a session like lemming rush??

  11. Stephan

    Anfield was interesting to see this stream, maybe you can start charging for this service I am sure there are plenty of tankers out there who would like your help, might be a nice way to supplement your income

  12. Jared HK

    Thank you so much @anfield This helps a lot!