1. REBEL

    I can use your video in my movie ???

  2. Martin Havel


  3. CravenTHC

    When I drive my Excelsior everyone has derp guns equipped or they sling a metric ton of APCR at me. 🙁

  4. Just Andrew

    destruction detector ha? moduri illegale. mi-am dat seama cum joci 🙂

  5. The Staggy

    How much premium ammo do you use for this tank. I just bought it and I hate it because it can't penetrate anything.

  6. DDF DFS

    just lucky

  7. сергей трепалюк

    румыны как и на войне так и в игре продажные шкуры,словом проститутки!кто согласен палец вверх!

  8. pzivg43

    I don't think the excelsior is that great of a tank. I engaged one with my kv220 yes I couldn't penetrate its frontal armor but the excelsior could barely damage my tank so I drove around and shot it in the low side hull and destroyed it.

  9. Егор Жук

    You are NOOB!!!

  10. Testa Me

    raping tons of tomato vid , their yummy tomato juice just all over my face. disliked

  11. VoltageZ

    As long as you don't expose your side armor, your good

  12. Bryghtblade917

    worst tank in the game is the AMX40 or the Grant/Lee 🙂 your choice but not the Excelsior,its one of my fav tanks, I got my Radley Walters medal in this tank too !  Its a great blitz tank,but if you want real fun try an Excelsior platoon, three of these together is FUN!

  13. DysphoricSmile

    GG in the WORST tier 5 tank ever! You make it actually look decent, but I would bet that this is by far and away the best game in the Excelsior you (and perhaps almost anyone ever) have had! Notice: this is the ONLY epic game in the Excelsior on this, and perhaps ANY – YouTube channel!

  14. TrangleC

    Great game.

  15. Max Pota

    Gold noob

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