World of Tanks – Excelsior Review

I take a lokk at the British tier 5 premium heavy tank, the Excelsior.
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  1. Moo Cow

    Better than the Matilda BP? Ha, no. This tank is one of the worst premiums I've seen in the game. Would rather buy a second Matilda BP or just play the Churchill I. Thing is just all-around sub par and doesn't do much against almost any other tank around its tier. I destroy so many of these no matter what tank I'm in.

  2. Jeff Dave

    Great review. I picked it up this evening and have really enjoyed playing it so far.
    Interestingly have seen "easy" shots go well wide but some long range very narrow shots hit like they were wire guided!
    Can pen most but T5 heavies and T6 heavy + heavy-medium tanks without using prem if you I properly.
    Keep up with the good work.

  3. Some Guy

    finally thank you so much…and right before Christmas too, I might just get it now

  4. Super Potato

    Can we use this to ram meds and TDs?

  5. Sean M

    Also the HE has a yellow tracer 🙂

  6. alexander1485

    we? you mean, i

  7. Depeche Mode

    0.42 on accuracy is horrible, why am I commenting it's not like Capt will reply because I don't brown nose smh

  8. Lu,exploring and more

    My favourite tank for ops – definitely worth 1500 gold, but you have to use a lot of APCR. I didn't realise it has 13 degrees of gun depression!

  9. The Rake

    Good job bro!! I love how you consistently upload quality videos!!

  10. The gaming fat man

    Love the. Vid do u think u could do something like platooning with subs on Xbox and ps that would be good

  11. Pigslayer 88

    could you do a tank review on the VK 45.02 a ?

  12. Averagejoe69

    brilliant crew trainer. got my first radleys in this and it was my first tank to 3 mark

  13. crazy snake

    great video

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