World of Tanks | FAME Platoon camps with Magic Armor

Nice cheats huh? Kappa


You can send your replays either by email: fameworldoftanks at or posting a wotreplays link in game (IGN: shishx_the_animal).

Leave your suggestions, advice or just plain old banter in the comment section below! See you on the battlefield!


Some of FAME’s STREAMERS, make sure to check them out:



  1. dexterbttdmproduction

    Indeed u are cheaters, im not hater i like FAME personally, so yeah.

  2. Devon Glueck

    It looks so fucking easy when they play! everything they do works out 😛 i have the feeling this game is about 200% positioning…

  3. Dumitrescu Costin

    what these retards don't understand is that most of u dudes besides being above average mostly play in platoons and when u have 2 ppl that actually use their brains back u up u can get preety good in this game

  4. Bismarck Der Teufel

    Can i join FAME and get a magica armour too???

  5. Tim Riley

    every game Chryslers and Maus, Defender and Skorps – lol fuck WoT

  6. LILIinFrance

    I like very much to see Shishx's videos, but, when you are reaching 60, it is very painful to hear so many f*** words. I have noticed than many purple players have the same type of language. Is it the key for playing well in this game ? …

  7. jammydean geway

    when a dutch guy speaks english so stereotype LOL btw great work mate from ur old buddy backstabber18 🙂

  8. Rte Baskan

    where are floris man ???????

  9. sameen shaw

    warlord should have stream

  10. Pim Lefevere

    Shishx small question, are you a player that always runs low on credits or are you a millionaire in game? :p

  11. Jagdseele

    Pls do more platoon videos with 1st warlord and creator

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