World of Tanks | FAME vs 9-TD | The FAME Awakens



You can send your replays either by email: fameworldoftanks at or posting a wotreplays link in game (IGN: shishx_the_animal).

Leave your suggestions, advice or just plain old banter in the comment section below! See you on the battlefield!


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  1. bouboulelitalien

    FAME in trouble, and make it double
    To conquier the world across the global map
    To unite people whining our skillpack
    To show you the skill of our animals
    To extend our name to the stars above


    The FAME, airstrik at the speed of light
    Surrender now or prepare to fight

    XAN, that right!

  2. Joe Smoe

    i think he does the bleeping noise every time someone says nigger xd

  3. silly_sausage 21

    what the fuck was That peep i wanna know what he said pls shishx

  4. Nagy Janos Florian

    your cat has nice camo

  5. Sgt Grumpy

    You kids aint right .

  6. hacki74


  7. Tipperty

    FAME vs the Beeeeeeeeeeeeep!

  8. NoHomeLike

    daki realizes that he can get you off YouTube if he has his animals speak in nothing but slurs when you record

  9. Majstora FAME

    Love to all Balkan brothers <3

  10. BigPaaryna
  11. Verdeil Cyprien

    at 3mins, the cat née de sole love

  12. _Titty_The_Animal_

    good old intro! thank you shishx

  13. John_ good_guy

    why all have a problem with romanians?

  14. Daniel S.

    I really curious what they said … FeelsBad

  15. Kenneth Naldahl

    This is so autistic sometimes, I feel home.

  16. Xenther

    Man those BEEPs make that video even more hillarious shish 😀

  17. 86mystek

    why ur cat has only 15k subs?

  18. sebastianmagnus

    7:40 "did you just assume my mental state" -Shishx 2017
    triggering intesifies LMAO

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