1. B L V

    Type 5 max noob

  2. Gabriel González

    First shot was wonderful

  3. Kujon De Bujon

    Wau!Step tact.:-D

  4. Cody Monster

    stop spamming the map, you noob

  5. Futboll ciekawy

    Gg but clan fest and shit ptosiutak playing only cheat . My friend was in this clan and this is patology every players have cheat

  6. The_Radioman_is_Bleeding

    2nd game looked so fun!

  7. Arrow

    Hello bro 😀

  8. ELI

    MVPS playing for fest OMG

  9. Goratchthemule

    Is it not HE he shot in the type 5? Fastes HE I have seen. I don't have this thank, on my other tanks I use HE you have to pre-aim a lot more on that range for sure.

  10. László Lakatos

    daki got a rage in the first game?