World of Tanks | FAME vs IDEAL | Advances



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  1. Mario Spirkoski

    what r these nub tictacs

  2. mieczu

    Shishx: czemu tak często używacie słowa "KURWA" ?!? 😀 😀 😀

  3. IDEAL

    I hear Kisu, I upvote <3

  4. Sith Unicorn

    Best Intro musik!

  5. Daniel Morales

    So many cancerous tanks in one battle, guess this is what competitive is about.

  6. Kujon De Bujon

    UNITED UNITED UNITED !-!-!FAME!-!-! And make so funy!

  7. Vert Stabs

    No mailand in description?

  8. Tëmpest

    sharing is caring.

  9. Jimbodiah

    Who's the noob with only one mark on his bc?