World of Tanks – FCM 50t Review – Tier VIII Premium Alternative

Today we take a look at the rare french FCM 50t and discover that it is an all rounded Tier VIII Premium HT !

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Mods i am using:

-Jimbo´s Crosshair mod
-Historical Flags and Accuracy mod (by myself):
-Primary Contour Icons (by myself):


  1. vartriiness

    Why are you using a fcm 50t crew in this tank?

  2. FredTMK GAMING (Projekt beendet)

    1. Because i dont need 100 battles in a tank to know how it performs.
    2. Armor? For a FRENCH tanks its good.
    3. BiA is useful for any tank as its very similar to Vents.
    4. Sixth Sense is a very good skill, still I(!) dont need it on every one of my tanks.
    5. The point of the gameplay footage is to show the tanks capabilities, not how the Random Team performed.

  3. Eimantas Ciuryla

    this is great tank. Sorry but i think your rewiew is shit ;DDDDDDDD
    1. how could u do rewiew of tank without playing at least 100 games in it?
    2. u said that armmor is good but then u said it is less better than tier8 medium tank? dont understand this
    3. its no need brothers in arms for crew because there is more important skills for crew.
    4. sixth sense could be usefull??? this skill bust be on every tank, especialy on fcm
    5. why u choose replays where u lost game and u didnt do great?

  4. Mr.V.

    i dont play much anymore, and when i play i choose tanks that existed in real life. im more into war thunder, alot better graphics and controls, less grindy, more fun. that said, untill war thunder adds its tanks WOT is the only game i can use to visualise whatever tanks i talk about in my movies. i have no choice :p

  5. Erik

    Great Review! You did just earn a new Subscriber. 🙂

  6. Kevin Pedersen

    Play world of tanks, this tank is a epic money maker 😉

  7. ScaryT23

    nvm, I remembered where I heard it. I have music turned off so I don't hear it anymore.

  8. ScaryT23

    I know this music…where have I heard it?

  9. RoflCarpetFreshner

    Thanks for the review Fred.

  10. m15t4k3n88

    I own this tank, I think it holds my record for most money made in a match, it's amazing if carefully played like a medium.

  11. Mr.V.

    true, im just saying, this should be nobodies first premium tier 8 🙂

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