World of Tanks – Funny Moments | ARTY PARTY! #18

Arty Party is back baby, bringing you a healthy dose of artillery RNG and funny moments from World of Tanks! This week we can witness the most insane case of tunnel-vision of all times! Also, poor-poor Maus…

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Dont Wake The Bear – Johnny Berglund
Gold Rush 1 – Magnus Ringblom

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Enjoy the content!


  1. Bomba89

    die clickers

  2. Greg Siska

    Duuude, I'm right here!

  3. Hải Hưng Lê

    Fucking arties and mods are ruining the game, they should be nefted

  4. pierce Eglinton

    How do you zoom into that 3D view? Where you see from like an angle and not from straight down

  5. Conner Miles

    How do I send you a clip I deleted the replays but have them mixed with my own video can I still post it to you ?

  6. AndreasCZ

    fuuuu arty

  7. Rifqi2509 CBT

    what button do u press to follow the shell with the mod ?

  8. wojtek FH


  9. Kvng Tankz

    what button do you push for the horizontal view

  10. Dajdalos L.

    fuck arty cancers

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