1. Eide

    If the Poland map ever gets into the game i will probably love it

  2. Yellow Submarine

    Goodness, now tanks can flip so my little scouts need more careful drive..

  3. Dong Kong

    OH,MY, GOD!!! They added tanks from my country, HELL YEAH!

  4. Emmanuel Bocconcello

    no italian tech tree?

  5. Viz12345

    do they come with knedliky?

  6. Szymon Abratkiewicz

    Even Czech and Slovaks have a tanks in WoT…. Why no Polish???? Wrgaming promise and promise! Stop lie …

  7. Danny

    after 5 years all tanks have same sound … really?

  8. Commie Penguin

    THE STURMTIGER!!!!!!!!!!

  9. m ferne

    Ohhh, Sturmjäger panzer?? Oh, I hope it comes to the game 😀

  10. Damian Kaplan

    Cezhoslovakia tanks:-) ?
    I from slovakia.

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