1. Lo var Lachland

    1:33: Hehehe. American Svine can't see me! I am just a trolly!

    T95 commander: To hell with it. FIRE!

  2. Michael Estepp

    I saw M4's. Murica!

  3. Wayfarer

    Ах если бы Тигр 2 так ездил

  4. Walter Lo

    Oh I know what will happen in next moment… BOUNCE!!!

  5. Barri 2410

    so, it was Valentine and not BT-7

  6. KahunaKool

    So are the tanks sentient? If so, this is just the "Cars" universe equivalent to WW2

  7. Inputin

    4. The T-95 Is a monster , dont fuck with it

  8. Inputin

    True and false things about this trailer… 1. the 3 tanks at the start are not fast at all. 2. turrets will fly off if u hit the AMMO RACK. 3. The Tiger 2 can push a british Valintine of a bridge.. This trailer is VERY cool… i just got mad when i saw the ARL 44 at the start…

  9. Greg Micewski

    When this Trailer came out I freaked out cause I liked it so much, but everybody said how stupid it is, because tanks cant push other tanks and turrets cant fly around. So I just sat in my chair, leaned back and was patient. Until now. Great job on that Wargaming, although I am still very frustrated about many things, hope it gets better with the Tier X Scouts and the Arty-Changing-Patch.

  10. AwesomeDesertTrains

    t95 fires
    tiger 2 fires
    that one bounced
    10 seconds later
    😀 BYE! fires
    scratched another bad guy!

  11. 123Lol Fail2

    1:08 tiger 2 is me in training room with my friends

  12. 123Lol Fail2

    how is a tiger 2 a vk3601h and a kv13 all same speed(fast af)

  13. kam chiu

    you fuking noob

  14. hd Jayasanka

    i can only guess what happen to the tiger 2 at the end….well most of the time many tanks get trolled by the front armor of the T95

  15. IndustrialDonut

    that tiger 2 so fast

  16. KamilCZOK PZ

    kiedys gry byly lepsze gralem w 1 wersje wot a chcial bym by te state czasy wota wrocily

  17. BeatMan

    look at that tiger 2 speed, in the game it's so fucking slow

  18. Horatiu Mircea


  19. Ezekiel Prado


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