World of Tanks – Gnomefathers Historical Gun Sounds

World of Tanks - Gnomefathers Historical Gun Sounds

Todays‘ first video was a little on the short side, so I felt like I was cheating you. Here, have another one. – Play World of Tanks Free

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System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution

Mods used (8.9 compatible):
Gnomefathers Historical Gun Sounds:

Intro by Maika Design


  1. EJ Productions

    If anyone want's this mod there a guy that has remastered is and it's called Zorg's Modshop Gnomefahters Historical Gunsounds. it works for 9.17.1

  2. jordan lewis

    they sound extremely over distorted… :/

  3. Franklin D. Roosevelt

    I like how he's using a historical gun sound mod while playing a tank with an unhistorical cannon

  4. Alex Mason

    is this mod not working on the 9.17 version of world of tanks?
    damn it man I liked the gun sound mod.

  5. Victor Yau

    When I downloaded World of Tanks 2 years ago. This was the first mod I downloaded.

  6. ™ ΛNĐЯΘIĐ

    Hello ! How can I do and I like to see the black in sniper mode as you have? Thx.

  7. Arrivederci

    hahaha that six sence icon lol 😀

  8. Yomir Kun

    No Gnomefather's mods= no WOT. bb all

  9. Ricardo Carmine


  10. WaffelEisen _

    maaaan. i miss that soundmod

  11. Sean [KingTiger KGB]

    or are they too small tech trees for this game

  12. Sean [KingTiger KGB]

    Does anybody think Canadian or Swedish tanks are worthy for world of tanks

  13. Sean [KingTiger KGB]

    su152 sounds horribly loud the weird Kashink it makes makes it sound like metal squealing from scratching up against more metal

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