1. Noah Cambre

    If you want a challenge try making money playing fv 215 b 183 with only h.e.s.h. and no premium

  2. theGUYwho1

    this fucking retarded, stop posting plz

  3. Ulrich_606

    dude you're best player in wot

  4. Nicky TV

    Hi Anfield. How you create slide text on right top screen?

  5. Dimitry vladimirovic Petrenko


  6. Luke Keast

    I can't tell if you are shooting gold or not but still well played, oh no prem rounds on the russian server? nice wish they would implement that on the US servers! Wow no mods or gold equipment either, nice. Yeah mines really is a prick of a map for 8's-10's.

  7. lubčo

    20:00 song name? 😀

  8. The blue Iroquoi

    Why use premium ammunition when you can pin mostly tanks at that tear with normal ammunition

  9. MaximusOfCaceres

    in avg, shooting gold when you cant pen with standard ammo will give you maybe 500 extra avg dmg on your tank, that is about 500 wn8 more, so if your avg dmg on t62a is 2500, if you shoot HEAT you will have max. 3000 avg, but the difference between shooting gold or not is the biggest in t6 – t8, in high tiers with high pen guns you can pen almost everything without gold ammo, there are few situations where gold ammo will make a difference, once again, gold ammo cant buy skill, you can see players shooting HEAT in IS7 and E100 side spaced armor and doing 0 dmg, and if they were shooting standard they would have probably pen, so sometimes gold ammo means less dmg, and again using right ammo in situation will give you max dmg, i allways carry gold round but i shoot them only when needed

  10. Erik

    how do you change your username ? in wot

  11. John Edgard

    I only use gold because I have money to burn and why not?


  12. chipum2

    lol The whole gold controversy has outlived the original reason it started. Originally gold rounds COULD NOT BE Bought with credits, hence the name gold rounds. It was literally the whole reason the term Wallet Warrior was formed. The Gold noob thing should have died the minute they made gold rounds available to every one.

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