World of Tanks – Golden Joystick Awards 2017

World of Tanks - Golden Joystick Awards 2017

World of Tanks is nominated for the Golden Joystick Awards 2017 in the Still Playing category! If we win, you win. You will all get a special reward: earn additional experience for every victory in battle!

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    Hello everyone <3
    Will you vote?!

  2. Carlos Bismarck

    WG I voted, but please give us a bit more than just free xp

  3. Pyconatsu pyco

    Will this include world of tanks blitz and world of tanks console or only pc version?

  4. Jimbodiah

    I will forward this to them in the hope you guys get banned from the awards. I know corruption is company policy at WG…

  5. Burak Akyildiz


  6. Alex Alex

    Do not vote for this game it does not deserve this prize and put dislik

  7. nyco nycorex

    WOT has the bigest prise_scaming the players!

  8. Dave Broon

    I dont think you will be winning it this year, everyone is fedup up to death of the friendlist, chat, blacklisting functions not working for nearly a week now, what a joke.

  9. Keller 13

    World of tanks is my favorite game. But I can't vote for it. Artillery still in the game. Tier X light tanks view range,gun handling, and accuracy is worse than at tier heavies. Limited amount of maps and most of them are too small, mines anyone. We used to have crew training and camo sells at least every other month. Now all we get is a new tier 8 premium for sale every month. You guys have gotten so cheap we don't even get the anniversary free tank any more.

  10. Mad ObiMike

    sois unos bastardos hijos de puta de mierda so chapuceros, pais chetao.

  11. Mad ObiMike

    sois una pandilla de estafadores, manipuladores e hijos de puta de mierda. El juego del tongo chetao, pq vosotros sois un pais chetao

  12. Exodus Remastered

    WoT is a good game and i think WG deserve it,i know there's a lot of problems with this game but atleast they still try to fix it and i also know that this game started to become a P2W especially with the in-game economy when you can hardly gain credits and experience without spending money. I prefer playing Blitz because it's more balanced and not a P2W,even if the enemy use premium tank you can just rekt them easily and the premium ammo is also more balanced. WG need money to run the game i understand that but the way they make it is just disappointing,i miss the old WG when Premium tank are actually worse than the researchable one in the game so it stays balanced

  13. yuki hokuto

    vote to a game that pay to win nah nvm meybe you ask other people if they still play this game any more remember wg people always right oh yeah if you still dont nerf op tank mark my word you will never get that award

  14. pro gamer blogs

    Wot is my favorite game

  15. Suppie X

    Throw us something else nice please. Like a week with a low tier premium and a week of premium account

  16. RexFREMDER

    Ok maybe i vote, but what do i have from it?

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