World of Tanks – Grand Battle on the Nebelburg map. Review

World of Tanks - Grand Battle on the Nebelburg map. Review

Update 9.20 for World of Tanks will bring a new type of Random Battles—Grand Battle. How do you avoid getting lost on such a big map? Where do you need to go? And how do you get Bonds after the end of the battle? Watch our video to learn more. Enjoy!

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  1. SenderGamez

    whats the font on the thumbnail called?

  2. bellim issar

    lies. you can;t play grand battles. still haven't played a single game. i am selecting tier X and nothing. if this is played by a chance i won't even try it.

  3. Busterut2k4

    map is too arty and TD-friendly

  4. ZaViN4C

    More like Campenburg.

  5. Sebastian de Vera

    I expect them just using Soviet
    Cough cough IS-7 cough cough


    Put how to play e100 please in the new update

  7. Berk Karşı

    Do more map reviews please!!!

  8. Latvian potato R

    look only tier x can play, so you would have an objective in game, ffs are your heads so thick

  9. leopard

    best mode …make it for tiers vi and higher! theres 3 maps in test mode…is this the only map on grand battle?

  10. David Bessey

    I'd love this map with like a hardcore/realism mode that has increase module and crew damage.

  11. Crazy Fox

    Pls introduce "Premium Account Map Choice" option whereby prem account holders can actively opt out of the maps they hate – considering most prem account owners have jobs and limited time and effectively subsidise the entire operation.

  12. adorules1

    when date is Update 9.20 comming..i'll cant wait

  13. Corto Maltese

    Even 15 vs 15 is too much.
    10 vs 10 on a standard map is optimal.
    This is going to be madhouse, one big calamity, not to mention the time you need to learn the map, certainly longer than that for the new standard one.
    However, camper TDs will be happy. Seating and shooting shitload of target, a dream come true… And there will be many of them every game, 10 or 15 or… Imagine that. Pure joy. …

  14. LagG_

    How about rolling arty back like it was in beta so its useful again and not just a cancer satellite that with even more luck than before can still one shot you.

  15. Stock Brazen

    light tanks would be amazing in this game mode but wg wanted to be a bunch of d bags

  16. Felix Grebenstein

    Were I can get the soundtracks?