World of Tanks || Grosstraktor – is it Worth it?

World of Tanks || Grosstraktor – is it Worth it? Today I’m going to review the ridiculous Grosstraktor a T3 premium German medium!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Linh Dang

    hey due can you have a livestream wot plz

  2. Willigula

    HORRIBLE. This tank is bad in every area. It's slow, yes, which you expect of a heavy. But… the armor is weaker than a heavy, the gun is still on the weak side, accuracy is terrible, aiming time is SLOW, and reload time is almost 13 seconds, so that armor would have been handy, but now you are dead. This tank is a waste of money. Flush $20 down the toilet instead for more satisfaction.

  3. Porskuttaja

    Not worth 10€. Gun is ok but sucks otherwise

  4. Craig

    I 2 shot a t67 with it the other day, very satisfying.

  5. 詠春 Brady

    This tanks a b1 on crack.

  6. Vid Guček

    Cruiser vier?

  7. Doctor Cthulhu

    Why do you keep saying "grosstraktor" like a russian prostitute trying to sound sexy?

  8. Gabriel Rynerson

    The penetration with HE doesn't really matter because practically everyone running around at tier 3 has no armor.

  9. Francisco Demarco

    can this tank ram?

  10. Henry Godfree

    tanks rubbish players good!

  11. Trustyjusty

    ive been using AP and HEAT the whole time lol time to try the HE

  12. Richard Marshall

    Kinda like a tier 3 type 95

  13. P VX

    You so rarely see the G.Traktor that I always assumed it was either a special reward tank, or not very good. I am sorry to see that it's the latter. Ah well, saved me some money down the line. I wonder if this tanks shortcomings have anything to do with Wargaming scrapping the Char/FCM 2C tank.

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