1. Vaya Con Tioz

    OMG learn to play

  2. Pradatoru

    Never but never use auto aim ….. if the target is moving … put ut aim in front of him u will learn with the time

  3. Shenker10

    agreed, however that does see low… my 550ti/C2D e6300 can average 43-45 although thats given that i have 32-bit xp so the max i can do is med graphics.

  4. MultiAREE

    It says in the top left corner, about 35 avg.

    The game itself is very graphics intensive, can't blame the card.

  5. Shenker10

    Average fps? And what about temperatures?

  6. bucketcat1

    Very good fun to play with friends!

  7. lgrados89

    what are the temperatures on your GPU while you play it?