1. Lancer Evo

    dude its on the bottom left it shows the t30s reload speed fuck

  2. Lancer Evo

    Dude nice illegal mods enemy reload counter….

  3. Sandipan Guha

    Looks like real life to me! Awesome!

  4. bolo

    only 50-60 fps ? My card HD7970 3Gb and i7 3820, this map 60-80 fps

  5. sunder war

    man graphics look better on my gtx 750….. wth?

  6. Iper_Sonico

    could you send  to me jimbo mod please

  7. Cody Chanlin

    My clan was on there lol. [BEARD]

  8. 박성현

    Amazing battle!

  9. Alucaard

    i see stuttering in motion do u use SSDs or not ?! btw nice game 🙂

  10. Filip Mazurek

    Could  you send to me your mods?

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