1. Hateshinaku

    Well of course wargaming sticks to the bullshit big world engine

  2. De Old' Mighty Tortoise

    meanwhile, still not havoc engine…

  3. StarTrek123456

    OMG. WOT needs that fucking shiot at 0:21!!!!  I want to destroy the big buildings and block the streets with the buildings! It would be awesome!

    EDIT: New graphics would be nice too. I want a better draw distance for grass and better textures!

  4. Aishwarya maiti

    complete joke it will never come in wot fucking shit Wargaming

  5. BOT Bob

    its fake his changing videos names look in other comments saying 9.4 and 9,5 and peoples saying still no havok

  6. Momo IstEgal

    THATS BULL SHIT THAT MOVIE SEQUENZ WAS ALREADY UPLOADED LAST YEARS SPRING !!! Your  are an idiot if u beleave that Fake Info Video !

  7. Vine Brothers

    Wow !!

  8. Atanas Tripzter

    lol "new"  gtfo thats 1 year old footage. 

  9. Gaming Marco

    Nice montage.. .

  10. inkilass

    for how long are they trying to put havoc to the game now? 2-3 years… Guess bigworld engine doesn't work well for them.

  11. Sebastian Barycza

    Od premiery tego filmu minął już prawie rok a WoT jak żałośnie wyglądał tak dalej wygląda 🙂 Potem się dziwić, że ludzie przestają w to grać – na przykład ja i wszyscy moi znajomi. 

  12. Dickson Teoh

    is it really coming out on 9.4?!

  13. Dado

    WT is still better though

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