1. John Powers

    Good result, but an absurd amount of luck involved and some really bone-headed play by the enemy team.

  2. Marek Senkara

    The hezter is my favorite tank

  3. renea long

    Nice kill streak.

  4. Gacuś


  5. Florian Krasniqi

    He is using aimbot you can clearly see it.

  6. Pershing III {General Ironwood}

    Haha…. "gg" …. were you playing the Falcons or something, Hetzer?

  7. Noah Cambre

    wow I think this is the least amount of skill I have seen in a winning battle. Congrats on the high score, but it was all luck. If the enemy team were half way descent you would have died very quickly due to horrible positioning

  8. เกรียงไกร คลีกร

    play T-25

  9. StefannoTheConqueror

    lucky lucky lucker

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