World of Tanks How install Free Cam Mod for 8.10

How to install:

Copy it in your World of Tanks mod folder (example: С:\Games\World Of Tanks\res_mods.8.10\gui\)

How to use:

– start a replay
– wait until the countdown (battle start) finishes
– click twice with LMB
– press Caps+F3 to „untie“ the camera from your tank
– profit!


– Shift+N enables/disables aiming reticle (enable to see the center of the screen)
– W,A,S,D moves the camera
– Q,D or mouse wheel makes the camera go up or down
– Ins, Del zooms the camera
– V disables the game interface
– 1,2,3 etc. sets the camera movement speed
– P activates the smooth camera flight
– X levels the camera with the ground
– CAPS+Z enables the vehicle markers while the interface (V key) is disabled)

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