1. PavolJuraj

    BIG thumb down! You didn't mention AT ALL that for this to work you NEED to have XVM mod installed…

  2. martintau

    man i don'T know why but i don't have there mods

  3. Jan Střelec

    Music ?

  4. L0gicWülf Schulman

    where's my omae wa mou shindeiru icon?

  5. Yago Ochoa

    dont work when i press res_mods i only see the versions

  6. Maheiza

    it does not work for me, i already follow the step and make the folder mod in res_mods but it still not working

  7. SkeletoN7

    question is … if i dont whant any images on six senses but why i can custumize my sound but if u got spoted it didnt show up? how to turn on sixth sense???? help??

  8. Hacker :

    i do not have it lamp in world of tanks

  9. Smita Chauhan

    thank you brova

  10. Bobo Swaggins

    When I go to the res_mods folder, the only thing in there is 0.9.16. No mods folder. PLZ HELP!

  11. amir talat

    can u make a video where i can change the icon without any mods?

  12. Francois de Villiers

    Can't find that mods folder.

  13. Fake Friends

    why is it not work? no sixth sense in game when i change the icon

  14. Jopminn

    Worked ty man 🙂