World of Tanks – HOW TO GET BETTER?

World of Tanks - HOW TO GET BETTER?

Want to get better at World of Tanks? Here is a shortlist of the TOP 5 points you need to have a closer look at if you want to improve! BONUS: a great M46 KR Patton replay by Lime3004!

Useful Websites:
Attacking / Defending non-turreted TDs:
Good or Bad? (Ep. 2):
The Big Anti-Arty Guide:
Good or Bad? (Ep 1):
Map Awareness 101:
Tank Driving 101:

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  1. ken22g

    well i usually die in first minute in he game,

  2. VLADIMIR Garcez

    I used to be good at world of tanks when I was little I was like 7 and I'm 12 now

  3. Atlas

    Several times I destroyed 2-4 tanks but the team sinks so I find myself outnumbered. More often than not your team pretty much drags you down. The spot system doesn't help much either, seen tanks crossing the middle of the map right in the open only to vanish, rather stupid.


    thanks for the tips. However, there are some instances that you cannot do anything, like having a match with your premium tier 8 against dominating unicorns of tier 10. Happened to me a lot. And I noticed that if you are using the same tank all over again, it is difficult to win a 7 straight streak because at the 4th or 5th game, you will be in a group of not so very good players.

  5. Wh2mbarz

    Unmmm Intro song?

  6. The Louster

    I just started playing this game and I seem to have the worst luck. I'm always found outgunned or outnumbered literally no matter what I do. I pretty much don't last 30 seconds even if I'm with teammates.

  7. dka13

    the only thing holding me back from being a unicum is my positioning. and on a bad day I forget when I should fall back. 2300-2400 recent wn8..

  8. CravenTHC

    Great tips. Learning these things in my own time have definitely improved my results. I just wish someone had told me before, although I can't be sure just hearing these things would have sunk in as well as actually learning. 🙂

  9. Tasro_

    On dirait Zlatan qui parle en anglais lol

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