World of Tanks || How To Get FREE Gold || 100% Works

Yo guys I finally found a legit way to get free gold for WoT very easy thanks to one of my subscribers :). Hope u enjoy!

This video if for informative purposes only. It’s your own choise to do it or not because this method is very bad as in a time/payout way. So if you don’t like getting relatively low reward for your time then don’t do this and just buy the gold the normal way. But if you don’t mind it feel free to use it.


  1. LuckyLeopard

    Big shoutout to Csonty! For telling me about this method :D.

  2. reza tp


  3. Shclooode

    My refer code is 249493 anyone who adds me I will add back

  4. Vinicius De Coninck

    Ik vind die app niet…

  5. Oussama Fatmi

    use this code: kbhhm

  6. Christopher Vanoster

    Viruses. Just viruses

  7. Petar Mihaljevic

    i need help, I get the gold flr watching videos, but when the task is to download and play some game I never get the gold. i complete certain amount of levels needed, but I don't get the gold

  8. miso culek


  9. looping844sb

    use that code "rkhzm"

  10. Mateks

    Code please: umdxa

  11. Fierygaming 03

    i want gold

  12. theminer 24

    lol, how has WG not gone mad over this yet?

  13. ID10T

    The invite code is bullshit because we get 10 gold you get 100-250 gold.

  14. Jelly Poston

    Download tapjoy, it works for other games and gift cards, just watch ads and download apps, the other offers are usually scams/viruses

  15. MLG Player

    this is a scam !!!!!!!!!!

  16. leonardo zarate

    I got 200 gold in an hour. Is not the big thing, but im glad that I can get gold free. Thanx a lot. Like and suscribe.

  17. Toxic Mashroom

    me dont work this 🙁

  18. DarkSoulGaming

    yoooo the code 3111a gave me free 1k gold :O :O

  19. Adrian Gwapo

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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