World of Tanks || How To: HT-15 – Object 260

World of Tanks – T110E5. Today I’m trying to complete one of the hardest missions in the game HT-15: Tempered Steel for the Object 260 using… the T110E5?!?


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  1. OWZE

    I completed this mission (though for the T55A) in the IS-7. A grille decided to camp on mines and shoot my upper plate the whole game, allowing me to block 10k + damage. Also dealt 5k damage myself.

  2. SteelWarrior115
  3. Groovy House Gaming

    did mine in the tiger2 lol for the t55a

  4. SectumSempra

    Step 1: Enough bad players shooting impossible sheels to you. Like IS7 specially. Everybody, even every bad player knows its impossible to pen turret, so they dont even try.

  5. Evan Turgeon

    I did 7k ding in my e100 and a lone t32 was on the enemy team and I just sat there and let him shoot me for 2.5k blocked dmg just from him haha

  6. Brandon Goh

    haha now I know his tank weak point

  7. FullYOLOnoob

    i think HT 15 is not that hard like sone other missions for HT on 260 becouse you can take dmg do dmg and block i hate other missions

  8. James Toumazis

    Conclusion: T110E5 = OP

  9. Kevin Gonzalez

    how long do these missions last before they reset all your progress?

  10. DeathCoreGuitar

    I wish i had more armor in my E4 :с

  11. Devon tipton

    Quicky baby the one you lost with the Maus you only had a total received blocked and damage done of 13,675

  12. tom richters

    Does ally damage also count?

  13. Cysioth

    If your toon shot and bounced you a few times would that count?


    Dream scenario…..

  15. Nightmare _

    E5 is fucking OP, nuff said

  16. Boris Gasperic

    it is one replay of is7 blocking 18k damage

  17. Jeff g

    i did ht-15 in my t29

  18. Joseph Stalin

    I blocked 20 DMG in my….

    read more…

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