World of Tanks – How to play the FV217 Badger

World of Tanks - How to play the FV217 Badger

With the release of Update 9.21 in December, the British FV217 Badger replaced the FV215b (183). Here is all you need to know about its gameplay!

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    Do you already have the Badger in your garage?

  2. I-S7 D_S_T_R_O_E_R

    whats the song at 0:00

  3. SPaMuRai GRaNaTaBRu

    Gun length! 😀

  4. frost thehos

    here how you play it
    step 1 hull down
    step 2 tap two key
    step 3 ????
    step 4 profit

  5. Juan Castillo

    Gracias por hacer mierda toda la linea de Tier X Britanica… ¿ahora que toca? espera… ya nada… no pueden joder mas a los tanques britanicos, han echo todo lo posible para que apesten… ¿o no? no lo dudo, ahora hagan que el S. Conqueror recargue en 14 segundos o bajen la penetración del cañon a solo 110 mm. con municion perforante … eso les encantaria a ustedes, lo sé.

  6. Ivan Stojaković

    so miserable! but where is artillery?

  7. Shillelagh

    War Thunder hurricane models

  8. Blue Melody

    Philippine flag in 8:28

  9. MadzBlind

    The worst thing about it : "higly depend on your allies" ok so EU servers are full of BOT and Tomato and we should trust our teammates ok …

  10. Oliver Kromann

    why would you ever want this tank over the tortoise(exept for top speed)


    the gun is not much of an upgrade only 8 more dpm per minute 3.525 vs 3533


    that is 2/10 of a percentage increase nothing pretty much

    gun field/traverse area is 10 degrees less making it worse at focusing multiple targets in front of it!

    and or not being able to shoot "around corners" by hiding most of your tank and poking the gun around(pref. your right side(cupola side))


    reduced ROF greater alpha

    the increased alpha can be useful sometimes but if you need to perm track and dmg a tank by shooting the front wheel/ rear sprocket wheel you will have a harder time keeping him locked down!

    now the armor sacrifices are huge

    2 your side and rear armor becomes garbage

    2.1 you now have a bigger frontal weakness(IE the lower plate)
    before it only used to have the cupola which is a relatively smaller target compared to the lower plate… yes the lower plate has some acceptable armor but gold rounds will have an easier time finding this lower plate than the cupola of tortoise

    2.2 smaller target(cupola)

    2.3 off set from the middle unlike the lower plate(easier to "wiggle"

    2.4 you will now have to constantly think of a position where you can hide your lower plate in order to be effective limiting your map flexibility

    100 more hp, nothing impressive

    more horsepower? or just bad ground resistances?

    due to the ground resistances which are hidden in game and only viewable by third party software or tank inspector the average player would only take a look at the specific weight/horsepower and say:" yay this tank is faster i am gonna have a great time"

    plz note that i have not played the badger myself but, i could suspect that it has trouble reaching 30 at flat ground soft terrain and or slight slope medium terrain.

    weighs less

    more suceptible to ramming especially sides/rear as they are thinner

    6 i've run of points and will say 1 good thing about it

    the higher caliber of 3 mm means that you can overmatch 40mm plates IE most hull roofs and some turret roofs

    bad tank i rate it a waste of credits and time as well as being weak!

  11. Indignatio 1945

    "who will do it by you and your 350mm of relative armour thickness?"
    me: why the T95 of course!

  12. 陳順億

    more like the SU-152 use the 122mm,it same slow, no high AP but SU-152 is frail and vary no precise

  13. Toxic Haze

    We want the Object 252U Defender in the Premium Shop