World of Tanks – How to play the Pudel

The first tank in the Polish Tech Tree. During the Warsaw Uprising, it became known as the „Pudel“. In this video, we will tell you the best way to play it.

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  1. J Bautista

    Sooo it's a Panther from tier VII put in tier VI?
    PUT IT IN BLITZ ( wargaming if you put in the shop I will scream )
    Make it an event and the prize is the Pudel don't put it in the shop! Please not the shop

  2. Christopher Labedzski

    That tank is too weak, maybe polish tanks from tier 8 or higher are the better one like most nation tech trees

  3. Eryk Adam Parzyszek

    Shut up All! This tank is for Polish people!

  4. hghg chrysler

    I don t hate polish tech tree and poland but i think italian or yugoslavian need be first ( I don t know english )

  5. Japan Samuraj

    I ask all will wot poland tank yes or no ?

  6. Gunmark //////////

    Polnish. No Matter, Money, Money,Money .

  7. DeathTanker

    Just gonna throw this out there, "pudel" is quite literally just "a bottle" in Estonian.

    You can officially get killed by bottles in this game now enjoy

  8. Łokieć Moje Hobby

    haha Polish, tank film about Polish tank, but dont have Polish subblites in film haha

  9. ATOM owfmetal

    So bad tank 🙁

  10. Martial Arts Mecca

    A German Premium tank is the first "Polish" tank? What a joke.

  11. Multiple Different Aliases

    How to play the Pudel:
    VK 30.02 M.


    Panter bleibt ein Deutscher Panzer nein WGT Bringt ihn jetz in jedem Land ihr Idioten

  13. norbertt1

    I am not really a fan of having this tank in the game but this guide was really good. I think you should make this guide with some more thinks into a video for the tutorial 😉 that way you won't have to sufer under 15:1 games.

  14. MadGamerStudios

    I got itITS Amzing!

  15. Dexter

    Dlaczego niektórzy nie chcą polskiego drzewka x%

  16. Michael Lambo

    Its a VK 30.02 M that can side scrape. Thats about it.

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