World of Tanks – I love this Tank

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  1. Nikolai Tsar

    From my experience when you do get your maus, angle the chassy roughly and the turret, no-lube-roughly. Though, i heard the turret got buffed, so if you can go hull down in that thing, then your golden

  2. brian1886

    is it just me or does his voice remind you of baron?

  3. MaxCroat

    LUVA is gr8

  4. Corbin Strickland

    Pretty fun

  5. Corbin Strickland

    I'm on the E-75 and Tiger 2

  6. Jurassic jon

    If only you could play with The Mighty Jingles The wargaming encyclopedia.

  7. Bob Bob

    Do you have world of tank blitz

  8. Bison247

    The M103 is the worst tank, the Vk3001P isn't good but isn't complete dog shit

  9. wallerdog

    Semper Fi!

  10. Jesse Alvarez

    your going to have to play alot of world of tanks to unlock those high tiers

  11. Bob Martin

    it seems that you are not a true stug player. I understand because one does not simply choose the stuglife, the stuglife chooses them.

  12. Alec Tomich

    the Lowe is the Goldman Sachs of tanks. Creating money and crushing dreams wherever it goes.

  13. derik hanson

    play some world of warships it is very fun if you are a us battleships

  14. Exodus

    Lol, he brought 10 HE shells, it's better to bring 3 HE or maybe 2 HE shells only.

  15. Andrew Kidd

    Above the crew in the garage there is a box that says "Accelerate crew training" u should check that in the Löwe so your crew gets trained faster

  16. SicariiD

    always loved my slöwe 🙂

  17. Jake kucavich

    Play more helion

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