World of Tanks – If Luchs Could Kill

Back from holiday in New York with an emergency video while I work on something bigger and better for tomorrow. It’s the worlds‘ cutest tank again, doing what it does best.

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  1. 108

    If Luchs could kill…
    I see what you did there XD

  2. fn 2198

    i once killed 4 tier 7 heavys in my luchs and spotted all enemys and won the game and then got ace tanjer and once i killed 2 oi with luchs

  3. Irish Rebel

    This video has been edited down so damn much scince I last watched this. There used to be a huge monologue about the battle of Monte Cassino and it wasn't sped up.

  4. mr. deefoster

    did I the only who use single shot gun?

  5. Thelegend27

    i regret selling the luchs for the leopard 🙁

  6. 12the12TM

    luchs can do sumersalts

  7. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Jingles, I have a curiosity.

    What about using HE on Luchs M 103 3,0 cm gun?

  8. Hatooteh


  9. gvbezoff

    Luchs is love, Luchs is life.

  10. dirk de horde

    My favourite replays are the Luchs replays (even when I already watched them)

  11. brad mckinney

    hey mighty jingles i think ur videos are cool

  12. jmannetje1

    I got accused of a "reload hack" playing this tank (by a SU-122A), I finished that game with 1.1K damage and 6 kills and pascuchis medal

  13. Philip Lutin

    This is good but most Luchs replays tend to be tier 4 I've played my luchs in a tier 7 game do 1.6k dmg dealing top dmg on my team and we lose somehow

  14. Kurt Benner

    i know taicho

  15. heavyhauler1000

    What and you came back alive! lol

  16. GustaveXIII

    In relation to the title, they probably will in games without frontiers.

  17. Mixozorin

    Luchs can kill… WITH IS SWEETNESS!

  18. imthemistermaster

    So your telling me jingles was 3hrs away from me for 5 days?!? DAMNIT

  19. Kuro

    the Luchs reminds me of one of those RC cars XD

  20. ComradeChovska

    Met you in new york, i happen to live in jersey, would have bought you a meal jingles!

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